Hair loss restoration
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The hair transplant center, triсhopigmentation, diagnosis and therapeutic treatment hair disorders in men and women

Our mission

We created the clinic, because we want to help you and we know how to do it. We have been studying this for a long time. Applied in our clinic, modern methods of hair transplantation will return your hair, and hence, psychological comfort, and self-confidence!


We have thirty years of hair transplantation experience. Our traditions were laid in 1996, during the creation of the first St. Petersburg hair transplant clinic and the participation of surgeon Sergei Fedorov in its work. We are followers of the advanced school, the foundations of which are laid by leading plastic surgeons transplanting hair, scientists from the US and Europe.


Hair transplant is an art whose components are: a carefully planned operation plan, careful attitude to the transplanted material, coordination of the work of the medical team, optimal use of microsurgical techniques, regularity of transplantation and, most importantly, mutual understanding and trust between patients and physicians.


The clinic was opened in 2004, now our Center is one of the leading Russian medical institutions specializing in the transplantation of their own hair.

We were the first in St. Petersburg to perform the operations in a seamless way FUE, after the collection of donor material leaving scarcely scarring skin changes.

We use the most advanced technologies of hair transplantation, high-tech equipment and microsurgical instruments, high-dioptric optics.

We transplant the hair with patchwork FUT-method, when donor material from the androgen-independent scalp zone is used both rationally and in the largest volume.

We use the method of trichopigmentation (medical tattoo) to enhance the visual effect of hair density as a hotel procedure and in combination with hair transplantation.

The only ones do the eyelash transplantation with their own author's method.

In our clinic there are specialized trichological consultations with the use of computer diagnostics.

Reputation and professionalism

The team at the clinic is a well-known, experienced doctor working according to international standards in the field of treating alopecia for more than twenty years. Surgeons of the clinic are members of the ISHRS - International Hair Transplant Society. Employees participate in the work of the clinic The Glasgow (Scotland), as well as Clinic HRBR (Ireland) for over ten years.

Dr. Alexander Volkov: "The professionalism of the specialists of the clinic is the visiting card of the team, which guarantees a qualitative result, respectful, and without exaggeration, an exclusive attitude towards patients."

Dr. Sergei Fedorov: "Combined operations at the clinic suggest the possibility of transplanting patients to 5000-6000 hair!"

Dr. Igor Melendin: "Hair transplantation into scar tissue is the most effective and most desirable method for patients, not only hiding traumatic scars on the scalp, but also recreating the natural beauty of the hairdo."

Full range of medical services for hair restoration

  • therapeutic treatment of alopecia, including the correct diagnosis, including using the phototrichogram method
  • hair transplantation in the male type of hair loss, when the hair can be taken not only from the occipital and temporal areas of the scalp, but with a lack of transplant and from the chest, abdomen, beard, from the back of the patient (BHT)
  • hair transplantation in female hair loss
  • transplantation of hair into scar tissue
  • restoration of eyelashes
  • thickening of hair, eyelashes, beard, mustache
  • permanent correction of the shape and thickness of the eyebrows
  • hair transplantation to different parts of the body
  • correction of postoperative scars after previous hair transplantation operations, post-traumatic scalp scarring
  • correction of anterior and (or) temporal line of hair growth after plastic operations
  • transplantation into hair loss zones associated with the effects of inflammatory, degenerative skin changes that have occurred as a result of various skin diseases
  • medical tattoo, or triсhopigmentation is an effective method that allows masking thinning hair, already empty skin of the scalp, as well as scar tissue in the scalp zone

Quality and care for patiens

We guarantee exclusive attention to our patients during the preparation and carrying out of all stages of hair restoration: from the initial consultation – before, during and after the operation, and also, if necessary, postoperative correction of hair transplantation results.

Virtual 3d-tour

Welcome to our clinic!

Surprisingly, but only three percent of losing hair are making efforts to prevent or stop the process of alopecia. The majority of men and women suffering from alopecia (baldness), as in earlier times, and the era, believe that it is impossible to defeat baldness, and this is not so long ago!

Meanwhile, against the background of intense thinning of hair and men, and, alas, especially women can suffer from neurotic disorders, including severe depressions. Permit this in no case it is impossible! On the site of the clinic we offer you detailed information on the most effective way to solve the problem of baldness - the transplantation of your own hair, to help you decide on the optimal method of scalp hair restoration shown to you.

You can return lost hair, but in a number of cases, for example, if it is a serious traumatic injury to the scalp, it is simply necessary! From the materials of our site you will learn about the methods of operative treatment of alopecia, and which one is preferable, will help determine the internal or virtual consultation.

It is convenient for patients and the work of the medical staff of the room, and of course, the operating room. All of us have been created with the expectation of comfort and a positive mood, which certainly contribute to successful hair transplantation operations. During the procedure, our patients listen to their favorite music, watch video films, in breaks for rest, they eat variedly and tasty - in short, they feel at home.

Our main principle: an operating day is dedicated only to one patient. In the premises of the clinic you are not "threatened" with a meeting with other patients, and even more so with "outsiders", we respect your right to privacy and calm during our hours of working together to restore hair!

Hoping for a warm, trusting relationship with patients, together with you, we go through every step: from consultation - and to the procedure of transplantation, and also conduct follow-up planned inspections in order to track the dynamics of transplanted hair growth, along with patients to share the joy of the results of our general labor.