Hair loss restoration
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If you decide to do hair transplantation or take another procedure at the clinic, first of all you need to contact the clinic administrator by phone, via e-mail, Skype or social networks, and then, if possible, go through a full-time or virtual consultation and chat with one of our doctors.

You will receive comprehensive information on the conditions of the operation, including medical certificates with the results of the tests, which, in accordance with the requirements of official Russian medical authorities, should be provided to the treating physician. These are the certificates confirming an opportunity to render the chosen medical service without threat for your health and to avoid undesirable complications.

If you wish, you can take medical tests, having arrived to St. Petersburg, having addressed directly to our clinic. In this case, your arrival should take place a few days before the procedure, which should be notified to the administrator. If you need help choosing a hotel, the administrator of the clinic will help make an acceptable choice for you.

Any questions you may have, you can always discuss with our administrator and find the best solution.

Waiting for you! We are happy to help you solve the problem of hair loss!

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