Hair loss restoration
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FUE + FUT = Combined operation

To transplant the maximum possible volume of hair during one operation session or, for example, two, or even three consecutive days, the plastic surgeons of the hair clinic successfully combine both methods of transplanting their own hair, that is, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) + FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

The medical indication for the mega-session (combined operation) is not only the patient's desire to transplant more than 3,000 grafts and thus solve the problem of hair loss within a few hours or the operating days, but above all the objective factors indicative of the expediency of the "mix" procedure, harmoniously combining FUE- and the patchwork method of transplantation.

Мегасессия (комбинированная операция)
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) + FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Operations of such complexity are performed perfectly only in specialized high-level clinics where practicing surgeons with an impeccable reputation, recognized both by patients and colleagues in the "shop" - plastic surgeons-transplantologists. Doctors of the clinic own both technologies of transplantation; the medical staff is working clearly and concisely, helping the surgeon or the surgical team, as in the case of the megassession, to achieve an excellent result. Picture 11.0-00. Our team has created all the necessary conditions for patients to be able to endure many hours of combined operations as much as possible, which can continue (naturally, with breaks for food and rest) for one day, two, and in some cases even three days.

So, before making a decision on the possibility of a megassession, the transplantologist, having familiarized himself with the results of the patient's tests, should make sure that the donor zone is elastic, mobile and there is enough hair for sampling by the FUT-method (we emphasize: grafts are most often shown to the majority of patients by the FUE method), and The aesthetic and physiological components of the scalp condition after the allocation of the skin flap will not be affected; that as a result of the procedure there will be no excessive skin tension, and the postoperative scar will be neat, thin, imperceptible.

До забора
Prior to donor strip
Подготовка донорской зоны
Donor area preparation

It is also important that the optimal amount of hair grow on the chest, stomach, back and chin, which could be collected by the BHT method using panca for transplantation into the bald zone.

The combined operation begins with graft fence in the FUE method from the occipital and temporal zones. At the same time, this method of transplantation allows the surgeons of the clinic to select a transfer material from the chest, chin, back, abdomen. True, such hair is most often transplanted not to the front line of growth, but deep into the hairstyle that is to be "restored", as grafts for thickening. After completing the transplantation with the FUE method, the surgeon proceeds to the second phase of the mega session - a strip, drawing a donor strip of skin from the back of the patient.

План забора графтов
Graft collection plan
Выполнен ТФИ-этап
The TFI stage was completed

Undoubtedly, the success of such a significant procedure is primarily determined by the professionalism of surgeons, assistants, and medical personnel in general. This is even more important if transplantologists need to recreate the design of the hairstyle, especially the front line of the patient's hair growth. Also important is the method of preserving hair taken from the donor area, because transplanted grafts should settle down in the area of ​​alopecia and reproduce then 100% healthy hair. The viability of the transfer material largely depends on the qualifications of the assistants who cut grafts. The goal is obvious: do not cut grafts and do not leave excess fiber, but with maximum caution, save the secondary kidney.

Выполнен забор лоскута
Donor strip part is completed
Затылок через год после операции
Nape one year after surgery

Time to prepare grafts for transplantation is minimized, outside the scalp they are stored in an antihypoxant solution at the optimum temperature. Once the incisions in the area of ​​alopecia are applied, the planting process begins. At the clinic, grafts are planted by surgeons, they can be assisted by assistants - no more than two or three health workers.

Operational practice in the clinic takes the FUE + FUT and FUE + BHT procedures (Body Hair Transplant) as a mega session, if the donor material is also taken from the chin, abdomen, chest or from the back. The visual effect of the combined transplant, if desired, can also be enhanced by trichopigmentation, or by a medical tattoo, masking sparse scalp areas, scars after FUT and FUE operations, scalp injuries in men and women.

Since the combined operations at the clinic presuppose the possibility of transplantation to 5000-6000 hair, patients need to remain cheerful and strong for many hours, with patience to endure temporary inconveniences, connected, for example, with restriction in movement. When operations last for several days, the care and attention of doctors, all the medical personnel of the clinic are, without exaggeration, paramount, largely determining the ultimate success of the transplant. We fully support our guests, creating for everyone the best conditions during the transplantation procedure, providing a comfortable rest and balanced meals, a full night's sleep during breaks.

In painstaking work to recreate the hair cover of the baldness zone, the final result of a combined operation directly depends on the skill of surgeons-transplantologists, a group of assistants, all medical workers. Photo 11.7-9 The high professionalism of the specialists of the clinic is a kind of a card of the team, which guarantees unconditionally respectful attitude to the patients, starting from the moment of the first consultation in our office and ending with a handshake after successful completion of the mega session procedure.