Hair loss restoration
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Surgery of hair transplantation

"Invisible" FUE: without seams and visible scars

FUE (Follicular Units Extraction), or seamless hair transplantation, is a modern method of follicular extraction, which is increasingly gaining popularity around the world; It is used by leading specialists and clinics specializing in the transplantation of their own hair. The plastic surgeons of the Hair.Ru clinic have been practicing FUE since the mid-2000s, having mastered the methodology and practice of such operations.

FUE-operation (also uses the terms: TFI - follicular isolation technique, BHT (Body Hair Transplant) are carried out under local anesthesia and are practically painless.The technology and special tools developed for this procedure guarantee a high percentage of transplantable hair. method of transplantation, excluding the need to take the donor skin strip from the occipital region of the patient's head. The extraction of isolated follicular compounds involves the isolation of small follicular groups consisting of one hair, two, three or four hairs, from the occipital donor zone with the help of special pancreatic scalpels, and the transfer of these micrografts to the recipient region. Then they are evenly distributed by the surgeon in the hair loss zone. As a result, in the "man-made" hairstyle - a natural, harmonious appearance, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between surgical planting after grafts germination from a programmed nature.

In the clinic of, surgeons-transplantologists carry out hair sampling by panch manually or "twist" pantch grafts with a micromotor, significantly increasing the speed of transplantation. True, not always the condition of the donor zone allows to effectively use such a scalpel, especially if the patient's hair is thinned, grow at different angles, and the skin is dry and inelastic, stretched. Therefore, depending on the situation in the donor area, the patient may prefer to take problem grafts manually, which, of course, does not call into question the actuality of hair transplantation with the help of a scalpel with a micromotor and the importance of further development of this advanced technology.

All the same, the FUE method, but often referred to as BHT (Body Hair Transplant), allows surgeons clinic successfully transplanted to the balding area of ​​the grafts with the chest, abdomen, from the back and chin. Such grafts are an indispensable material for thickening a hairdress, thoroughly "damaged" by alopecia; Are actual at a lack of hair for transplantation in an occipital area of ​​the patient.

Зона забора
Donor area
Забор графтов с груди
Chest hair
Донорская зона через 2 недели после операции
Donor area 2 weeks after
Донорская зона через год
Donor area in a year
Зона забора - спина
Donor area - back
Спина после забора ТФИ
Back after TFI procedure

When the volume of transplant is not too large, and the patient would like to hide from colleagues at work or with your family the very fact of the transferred operative intervention, including the not yet completely healed wounds from the fence to the back of the head hair, transplant clinic used in cosmetic terms of win-win the method of the Untouched Strip Technique. In practice, it is as follows: in the occipital area were shaved strip, with "naked" razor portion scalp surgeon manually or punch with punch micromotor produces fence grafts, whereupon donor region covered from above hair. Thus, the visual costs associated with the procedure of hair transplantation are reduced to zero, which allows the patient to return to the usual way of life, behavior, without reducing either social activity or workloads the next day. Exception - intensive physical work, athletic training, particularly with weights, high-temperature treatments (bath, sauna), swimming in the pool, tight hats ... From all this in the first two weeks after surgery to avoid damage or loss of the transplanted grafts is better to abstain.

Затылок до операции
Back of the head before surgery
Четыре зоны забора
Four donor areas
Маскировка зон забора
Masking of donor areas
Затылок после операции
Back of the head after surgery
До операции
Before surgery
После операции
After surgery
Две недели после операции
Two weeks after surgery

Regeneration after hair transplantation by FUE method proceeds quickly and without any special painful sensations. In the first hours after the procedure, however, slight discomfort is possible, which is easily removed by analgesics. Edema is usually mild, transplanted grafts take root within eight days, the wounds from the intake of grafts in the donor zone are delayed after one or two weeks. The advantage of this method is undeniable, if the patient has a lack of donor material in the occipital region of the head. Full-scale surgery, however, is possible, because FUE technology allows you to use hair for transplantation, not only from the neck, but also from the chest, abdomen, back and chin.

До операции
Before surgery
После операции
After surgery
Десятый день после операции
The tenth day after the operation

Operated by the "invisible" FUE-method do not have obvious, noticeable scars in the donor zone. Part of the transplanted hair begins to grow shortly after the procedure, but the bulk goes to growth in 3-4 months. The final cosmetic effect occurs approximately one year after transplantation.

Operational day FUE in four minute video