Hair loss restoration
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Specialized trichological visit

Consultation of a trichologist is carried out when the patient is treated with complaints of loss, thinning, thinning of hair, as well as with scalp problems such as dandruff, scaling, itching, fatness, dryness, also the reason for resorting to a dermatologist trichologist may be a poor condition of the hair shaft : dryness, brittleness, cross-section of hair tips, lack of shine and elasticity.

During the consultation, the trichologist collects data on the reasons for contacting the doctor, prescription of complaints, localization and the nature of their course.

During the consultation, the skin of the scalp and hair rods are inspected, a pull-test is performed, which determines the amount of hair falling out when stretching hair strands in different areas of the head.

An obligatory part of consultation of the trichologist is carrying out trichoscopic diagnostics, a kind of dermatoscopy, in which it is possible to determine the specific signs characteristic of certain trichological conditions and diseases. Trichoscopic signs can be determined with the help of special devices of dermatoscopes at a 10-, 60- and 200-fold increase.

Based on the data of the patient's complaints, the condition of the body as a whole, the evaluation of the hair during visual examination and trichoscopic signs, a preliminary diagnosis can be made, the necessary studies and laboratory tests can be made to help determine the final diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

An important diagnostic test in trichology is the Phototrichogram, which is necessary in most cases when referring to a specialist, is appointed after an initial consultation as the main stage of diagnostic measures that help to correctly diagnose.

For conducting a phototrichogram, special equipment is required and a computer program is available that provides objective data on the number of growing and dropping hair, density, hair diameter in different areas of the scalp. Phototrichogram allows you to judge the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment.

Before the consultation of a trichologist, it is recommended not to wash your head for 2-3 days.

The duration of the consultation in most cases takes about 1 hour.

Presence of the available data on the laboratory and instrumental studies carried out over the past six months will additionally help the trichologist to determine the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.