Hair loss restoration
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Hair transplantation

Primary consultation of the surgeon, the founder of the clinic – 1000 rubles.

Hair transplantation by seamless method FUE (TFI / HFE / BHT) – 85 rubles for graft.

Repeated hair transplantation by the seamless FUT method – from 60 rubles for graft.



Trichological reception, diagnostic procedures

Primary consultation of a trichological doctor – 2000 rubles.

Repeated consultation (based on the results of diagonostics) of the trichologist  – 1300 rubles.

Diagnosis of the state of hair using the phototrichogram method – 3200 rubles.

Medical tattooing

Medical tattoo in the zone of alopecia 5-6-th degree on the scale of Norwood – 36000-45000 rubles

Medical tattooing in separate hair loss zones – 6000 rubles per hour of work

Medical tattoo on the scar after hair removal with a patchwork FUT-method – 10000 rubles

Medical tattoo of puncture scars in the area of ​​fence with FUE-method – 6000 rubles / per hour of work